When we remove a tree on your property, we will often recommend Auburndale stump removal if the conditions allow it. There are many things to consider in making your decision.

  • Should you opt for stump grinding?
  • How long does it take to complete?
  • What are the benefits of removing a stump?
  • Is this a job I can do myself?

The decision to Auburndale stump removal or have it ground out is a personal one.

Educating yourself on why clients choose to do it may help your decision-making process. Home and business owners don’t always realize how much a left-over tree stump will be noticeable after a tree has been removed. This is especially so if the rest of the yard has been well maintained. Grinding out the stump provides the opportunity to do something different with that area and not have a tree stump in the way.

A stump grinder is used to grind down the stump wood below the ground level. Doing this ensures that your tree stump won’t re-sprout with growth around the perimeter of the stump. This is often the best argument in favor of having a stump ground out.

When a tree has been cut and the stump is left, the tree’s natural response is to produce suckering sprouts out of the stump. However, none of this kind of growth will be viable in growing a new tree. Many sprouts are likely to emerge from the stump. Those sprouts can turn into branches that require removal over and over again.

Although a tree stump doesn’t always have to be removed, leaving it will likely mean looking at the ugly step for years to come and dealing with the suckering growth from the stump. When the stump is removed via grinding, you will avoid insects, fungal disease, soft or sunken spots in the ground, and tripping hazards. Although stumps can be factored into a garden or yard design, typically, they’re just in the way.

Can I build over a left-over stump?

Often when a tree is removed, there are new plans for the area. Building something in its place might be on the agenda. However, you remember that because a tree stump is wood, it will decompose over time. That gives you a volatile base material for construction. Any foundations or solid or rigid materials will shift over time if built over.

Even if your stump is ground out, there may be roots left below ground that will decay and settle, damaging whatever you build over it. If you plan to build over an area where a tree has been removed, make sure all remaining stump and roots are removed and that the hole is in-filled with soil that matches your properties soil.

When can a stump not be ground out?

Typically any tree that was easily accessible and removed can also have its stumps ground out. There are situations where stump removal may be difficult or even impossible.

  • Hard-to-reach trees may not be candidates for stump grinding. When equipment is challenging to get into space you have, this can make removal too tricky.
  • When stumps that can’t be fully removed by grinding can first be ground, then pulled out with an excavator. The cost to do this is more than simply grinding the stump out. But it also may be the only choice.
  • Any tree stump that is too close to other trees, structures, etc., may be impossible to be removed.
What do you do if you need a stump removed?

Call Tree Service Auburndale today. We will come out and evaluate your needs and give you a free estimate. Auburndale Stump grinding is generally affordable and doesn’t take more than a couple of hours, even for more giant stumps. Likewise, each time we remove a tree from a property, we suggest you have the stump ground out. Remember, a tree cannot be cut down without leaving a stump, so having it ground out is the best way to get the entire tree removed.

If you have a stump in the yard of your home or business that’s a hazard or just a plain old eyesore, call us, and we’ll help you get rid of your Auburndale stump problems. It doesn’t take long to get an estimate or for Auburndale Stump removal from your property. You’ll be happy you called when you no longer have that horrible-looking stump in your yard. Call today! One of our professional team members is ready to help you.