Tree pruning and Auburndale tree trimming are crucial for the health and beauty of your trees.

Trees grow, some fast, some slow, but they all need to be trimmed eventually. There’s a science to cutting trees, but it’s also an art. Auburndale tree trimming automatically stimulates new growth, which helps to maintain their natural beauty. If trees aren’t trimmed properly, you can end up causing severe damage to your trees and therefore needing removed.

The science behind tree care means a deep understanding of tree biology and recognizing the needs of specific trees. Our Arborists and tree specialists have the knowledge and the skillset you’re looking for to keep your trees well maintained and healthy. The art involved includes trimming and pruning by removing dead limbs and brush off a tree, trimming back overgrown areas of a tree, and more. These things aesthetically shape your trees to enhance your land’s beauty and help provide excellent curb appeal to your property.

So, when is the best time to have your trees trimmed or pruned?

You’ll want to have this service between late fall and early Spring. Many people believe that when the trees look their best and are green, plush, and growing well, it’s time to prune or trim them, while they often don’t bother to do Auburndale tree trimming and pruning during winter months when trees are usually dormant and that is a misconception. Many times clients assume that trimming can’t be done during the winter, but that not true.

Whether in warm weather like here in Auburndale, FL, or up north, where they get snow and ice, trimming is best done during those fall/winter and early spring months. Our workers have the best access when trees are dormant. Although most trees don’t go utterly inactive in Florida, they slow their growth patterns and shed leaves in some cases. The limbs aren’t as heavy, and the tree limbs of leafless trees are easier to see.

What are the benefits of pruning from late fall to early Spring?

The first thing that comes to mind is that trees are less susceptible to disease and insects. Freshly pruned trees have cuts and bruises that are likely to attract disease-­carrying insects or spread disease. Threats aren’t as abundant in the winter months. Also, it can be easier to see any diseased or damaged wood already present in the fall/winter months.

Winter Auburndale tree trimming creates convenience for you!

During the winter, there is minimal yard work to be completed at your home and business. By hiring our tree service in the winter months, we can take care of the significant jobs, so they don’t interfere with other yard work come Spring, and also so you have more time to enjoy your property when you’re the busiest!

When Spring rolls around, the tree growth should be healthier if you have chosen dormant pruning and trimming. Trees will be their best when maintained during the dormant ­season before new growth begins in Spring. When pruning is performed after new leaf development, it can cause limitations on the tree’s bloom potential for the year. To cause your trees less stress, choose dormant to allow for robust new growth in trees that bloom in the warmer seasons.

Can I trim my trees at all during the Spring and summer?

Pruning in Spring and summer works well for some species of trees. Ask one of our specialists about which trees can be trimmed and pruned during the summer months. Knowing when to trim your trees keeps them healthy in the long term and will help them meet their growth potential.

How much does it cost to have my trees trimmed?

Prices vary when it comes to tree trimming and pruning. This will depend on many factors, including what kinds of trees you have, how many trees you have, and the age and size of the trees needing to be trimmed. To provide you with a service estimate, Tree Service Auburndale will come out to your property at no charge to access your property and trimming needs.

Estimates are created based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to:

  • Location
  • Tree type(s)
  • Tree age
  • Tree size
  • Number of trees to be trimmed
  • Safety and risk concerns
  • Time requirement

With Tree Service Auburndale, you can’t go wrong! We have some of the most experienced arborists in Central Florida! We have everything you need, from knowledge and experience to state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done for you. Call us today at 863-356-1743 to schedule someone to come out and give you a FREE estimate.